Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ropa Americana Parties and Possible Chaos

Things have sure been interesting lately and probably will continue to get more interesting in the next several weeks/months. First off, we had a welcome party at our house last weekend for all of the volunteers in Olancho to get to know each other since we have four new volunteers in Olancho. It was a lot of fun and Shannon, of all people, was on the winning team of the beer pong tournament. She and Erick were unstoppable. It was pretty impressive since she had never played before. The Thursday before the party, we come home from a long day of work and tried to turn on the TV to get our daily dose of The O.C. and the outlet didn’t work. Weird. Then every time the refrigerator would kick on it would make some really weird sounds. Our electroducha also stopped working and later that night, so did the fridge. When we tried to plug in our fan that night to stay cool, it spun about 3 times as fast as normal and started to smell like smoke. We unplugged it. We contacted our landlord about the problem and they said someone would come out to fix it but no one came all day Friday so we had a clean out the freezer/fridge dinner party which was very nice. We were expecting about 15 people the next night for the welcome party and were getting nervous that we wouldn’t have a fridge to use. Saturday morning an electrician came out, after a call to the landlord again, and a wire coming into the house had burned in two making all of our outlets 220V instead of 110V like they should have been. Don’t ask me how that works but that’s what happened. The electrician fixed it and surprisingly everything worked after that except the voltage regulator that Shannon had been using with the computer with that got fried. Good thing she was using it or else the computer probably would have been fried. That would not have been cool. The party went well, all except one of the Olancho volunteers came and he was in the U.S. The theme was ropa Americana (think stores that sell clothes that the thrift stores in the U.S. couldn’t get rid of) and there were some great outfits! We have a pretty good group out here in the wild wild east!
Kevin tried making and ant trap out of yeast and honey with the idea being that the honey attracts them and the yeast explodes them. For three weeks we had trails of ants going to the “traps” in the kitchen but not really anywhere else in the house. He finally got rid of the traps and now there are still trails of ants in our kitchen and ants in the rest of the house too! Shannon doesn’t think that the traps worked but Kevin insists that there are less ants…if anyone knows a better remedy to kill ants let us know!
This week, we got a message from Peace Corps telling us we are on Stage two of a five stage alert system which means we are not allowed to leave our site this weekend. The message arrived with no explanation whatsoever. Interesting. Thanks for the info., we would like to know what is going on. (we did receive an email late Thursday night) Basically there is a struggle for power in Honduras and the president is trying to remain president after his term is up, blah blah blah, and they are having an illegal vote this weekend to see if the people want to vote on the November ballot to change the Constitution. Read this link if you want to know more:
So we heard a bunch of rumors that the Salvadoran army is going to come help our president because the Honduran army won’t support him and people going to the airport to burn the voting equipment that is being flown in from Venezuela, people getting shot at demonstrations and people buying tons of food and water at the stores and not leaving their houses for 3-4 days because they are afraid to go outside. Most of these are untrue but we are pretty sure people have been shot but that is normal anyway. So far, everything here in the hometown of the president is normal but we will see what happens come Sunday. We are planning a movie marathon and watching the US play Brazil in the Confederations Cup Championship game Sunday at 12:20 Mountain Time, that is assuming we have electricity as there are rumors of strikes and protests of workers including those running the electrical plants, not that the electricity is reliable anyway. We shall see and keep you informed (if we can).

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